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Greetings from Shengke

Welcome to my site! Click on the link below to hear my story as a student, an engineer, a father and a social activist.

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Incompetent Green councillors
Green councillors are incompetent so that they can't deliver what they promised, such as repairing our roads, dealing with bin chaos and build more EV charging points across Altrincham. 

Fix the potholes Altrincham

The roads in Altrincham are quite simply shocking. They just can't get any worse. Green and Labour councillors have failed to fix our roads after promising they would and now the potholes are danger to motorists and cyclists. ​

Conservatives are committed to fixing the roads and we need your help to identify the problem spots. I’ll organize a petition with to resurface the A56, Groby Road and Oldfield Road. 

Fix the BIN chaos in Altrincham

In October 2019, Trafford Council introduced a new bin collection system which has failed residents leading to thousands of bin collections being missed and increase in vermin.


Recycling has dropped to rock bottom in Trafford. We should be proud of our former recycling rates and see to get back on track. I will campaign to see weekly grey bin collection and improve recycling rates.

More police on our streets in Altrincham

The Government has put an extra 347 police officers to cut community crime in Greater Manchester. Labour mayor Andy Burnham of GM is, however, in charge of policing in Altrincham.


Residents don’t feel safe on their streets. I will demand more of these police officers are here on our streets. Instead of focusing them in Manchester city centre.

Promoting community uses on Altrincham high streets
Altrincham town centre is one of our most important public spaces. The businesses in the town centre are under threat and they may not be around by Spring 2021.  

Free parking after 3 pm Monday to Saturday

Trafford Council's new budget proposals plan to increase car parking charges which put our high streets in danger and many businesses could be gone in next spring.


I pledge to campaign for Free Parking After 3 pm from Monday to Saturday to encourage shoppers to visit the Altrincham hight streets, support small businesses and help revive our local economy.

More EV charging points, trees and cycling.

EV charging points in public car parks and streets will enable people to shift to electric cars – one of the main barriers to people shifting is fear of running out of power and lack of charging points.


I’ve campaigned to have 100 new EV charging points across Trafford. ​I commit to improve the urban green infrastructures in Altrincham working on more EV charging points, more trees and more cycle lanes.

Stop selling off Altrincham Town Hall

The Labour run Trafford council plans to dispose of Altrincham Town Hall as part of fresh budget proposals. This is literally selling off our heritage.


The historic buildings we have should be kept and used by the community. We should not be capitalising on our own assets like Altrincham Town Hall, which should be used for wedding, events and community meetings.


We are work closely with partners and other groups to stop the sale. We need your help and please let us know your thoughts and suggestions.

Altrincham to be a modern market town
Altrincham is badly hit by the pandemic. Council needs to use their land ownership and planning powers to set a thrive plan for Altrincham and bring community uses to the high street.

Introduce job fairs to once a month

We are facing unprecedented challenges and many people are looking for jobs. The government acts to boost productivity and help the country build back better from coronavirus.


Altrincham job fair is popular among young people and experienced individuals. So I’ll work with schools, colleges and businesses to hold job fairs once a month when lockdown restriction is eased. Helping locals find local jobs.

The Grafton Centre needs a plan

The Grafton Centre in Altrincham needs a plan urgently. Since 2018 the council has owned and operated the Grafton Centre without a plan.


I will work with the Council to develop a business plan and bring more jobs to Altrincham.

Supporting our excellent education system

People move to Altrincham because of the wide choice of schools.

As a parent, I respect the right to have faith, academy and grammar schools. I will never support a one school fits all policy and eradicating choice. A Policy heralded by the Green party manifesto.

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