Cllr Dr Shengke Zhi
Councillor for Bowdon Ward
Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council

“Hello, I am Shengke Zhi, a chartered engineer who lives in Bowdon. I am your Councillor for the Bowdon Ward at the Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council where I serve on the Scrutiny Committee.

Your priorities are my priorities. I will work my best to deliver on the issues that matter to our local communities. You can find out more about me and my priorities here. Thank you for visiting my website"

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Bowdon deserves better council services
Council tax goes up while our basic services such as fixing the potholes and bin collections are falling. Don't you think we deserve better?

Fix the potholes in Bowdon

The roads in Bowdon are quite simply shocking. They just can't get any worse. Green and Labour councillors have failed to fix our roads after promising they would and now the potholes are dangerous to both motorists and cyclists. ​

Conservatives are committed to fixing the roads and we need your help to identify the problem spots. I commit to fixing potholes across Bowdon. 


Tackling crime and having more police on our streets

Trafford has historically had the lowest crime level in Greater Manchester. However, low-level crime is now largely being ignored and residents don’t feel safe on their streets.

The Government has committed extra funding to crack down on burglary and theft in local crime hotspots in Greater Manchester. 

Shengke demands more police on our streets in Bowdon Ward and proven crime cutting measures, such as CCTV, increased street-lighting and Neighbourhood Watch Schemes. 


Fix the BIN chaos in Bowdon

In October 2019, Trafford Council introduced a new bin collection system which has failed residents leading to thousands of bin collections being missed and increase in vermin.


Recycling has dropped to rock bottom in Trafford. We should be proud of our former recycling rates and see to get back on track. I campaign to have a reliable bin collection and reinstate our former fantastic recycling records.


Proud of our outstanding schools and good education

People move to Bowdon because of the wide choice of schools.  As a father of a junior daughter, I respect the right to have faith, academy and grammar schools.


I will never support a policy that eradicates parental choice, putting families at a disadvantage. Something the Greens are happy to do (A Policy heralded by the Green party manifesto).


More EV charging points, trees and cycling.

EV charging points in public car parks and streets will enable people to shift to electric cars – one of the main barriers to people shifting is fear of running out of power and lack of charging points.


I commit to installing more EV charging points and developing more cycle lanes in Bowdon. ​I believe Bowdon needs the progressive infrastructure if it is to thrive and be a beacon for green initiatives.

Mussadak Mirza

Councillor Mussadak Mirza

I am delighted to welcome Dr Shengke Zhi, our new candidate for Bowdon. Shengke brings a wealth of campaign experience having previously stood as a candidate in both local and general elections. He has been active within the local Conservatives for many years and now chairs the Association’s local Policy Forum . As a resident of Bowdon, Shengke is aware of local matters and is passionate about many of the key issues in our ward, including conservation, heritage and environmental matters. He is keen to promote green initiatives, such as tree planting and electrical vehicle charging points. I look forward to working with him to help ensure that he is elected in May so that he can help serve the needs of our local residents and businesses.


Councillor Michael Whetton

A ward such as Bowdon, with its wide variety of properties and communities, can only benefit from being represented by someone like Shengke Zhi. His zeal and drive in the pursuit of excellence is very much desired and lauded in today’s world. So I readily welcome him as the candidate to become a Bowdon councillor in May. His eagerness to deal with issues and problems, seeking a speedy but solid solution equips him well for the role of representing Bowdon’s residents. I have known Shengke for a few years now and I see in him a person who will rise to a challenge and see tasks through to completion. A Conservative team of councillors featuring Shengke, Mussadak and myself in Bowdon is very well placed to deliver for the wider local community, make a strong contribution to taking Labour to task over its inept control of Trafford’s services, as well as challenge the excesses of the Greens.


Dr Karen Barclay

Having served as your councillor for almost twelve years, I felt that the time was right for me to move on. I have a great deal of insight into the needs of Bowdon, its issues and its idiosyncrasies. That said, I can see that the perfect person to take on the councillor role is Shengke Zhi. I have known him for some years and I can see that he possesses the skills, drive and determination to serve Bowdon residents and represent you in the Town Hall, taking on Labour’s excesses and challenging the Greens on their claims. I wish Shengke every success. Bowdon will do well by electing him.

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