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Greetings from Shengke

Welcome to my site! Click on the link below to hear my story as a student, an engineer, a father and a social activist.

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For happiness of local families & future of our kids

Repair Our Roads

The Green and Labour fix the potholes commitment remains hitherto unkept.

The good news is that the Conservative Government pothole fund is to be increased and so I will lobby for this additional spend in the Altrincham Ward.

There are always more potholes to fill and roads to resurface, for instance, Hawarden Road and Gaskell Road are both in very poor conditions. That’s why I would like to ensure that we get a fair share of the Trafford council's budget to fix roads, to repair and re-surface our roads and pavements, which will help motorists, cyclists and pedestrians to have a smoother and safer journey.

Parking Crisis

Since Regent Street Car Park was closed in Oct 2019, there are not enough parking spaces in Altrincham town centre.


Many residential roads, i.e. New Street, Groby Road, Bentinck Road and St Margaret Road, are used for the overflow parking so that it causes problems to residences. The limited parking spaces constrain the access of the Altrincham Town Centre so that town centre shops are closing due to lack of enough people visiting and shopping.


“Local residents and town centre traders have told me that enough parking spaces would encourage more people to visit Altrincham Town Centre and local residents want people to park in car parks, not in local streets.” Said Dr Shengke Zhi

Boost Altrincham Town Centre

Since the Labour took over the administration of Trafford Council in May 2018, supported by the Green Party, residents still don’t know the detailed plans for the Grafton Centre. It is vital for our people to understand the future plan of this landmark. It will play a key part in continuing Altrincham’s success. I want to put the heart back into the Grafton Centre and bring it back to life.

More reliable waste collection

With Altrincham’s domestic waste collections continuing to suffer from Labour’s mismanagement, I jointly with Conservatives colleague call for a root and branch enquiry to take place to resolve the mess that residents are suffering from.

Safer Community

I support more Police resource to deal with your major concerns - burglary and knife crime. People must feel safe in their homes, in the street and on public transport.


Additionally, I will work with local community to set up Neighbour Watch groups to combat crime, anti-social behaviour and domestic violence to ensure that Altrincham is welcoming and safe.

Support for small businesses and our high street

Small businesses are facing challenges and opportunities. I will be a champion for local small businesses and our high street. I want Altrincham to become known for being a Green and Modern market town.

More Green Infrastructure 

It is vital to have more and better green infrastructures, such as more trees and enough electrical charges in our public car parks to enable more electric vehicles to be used in Altrincham. 


If elected, my background will significantly add to the collective Trafford Council knowledge on this high priority policy.

Save Our School

I commit to supporting Altrincham's parents by issuing a full commitment to back the "Save Our School" campaign. This will ensure that we send both Green's and Labour's 1970s ideological plan of  'one school fits all' straight into the dust bin and guarantee the safety of our educational choice for our families here in Trafford.


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