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Altrincham deserves better services
Council tax goes up while our basic services such as fixing the potholes, bin collections and street lighting are falling. Don't you think we deserve better?

Fix the potholes Altrincham

The roads in Altrincham are quite simply shocking. They just can't get any worse. Green and Labour councillors have failed to fix our roads after promising they would and now the potholes are danger to motorists and cyclists. ​

Conservatives are committed to fixing the roads and we need your help to identify the problem spots. I commit to fixing potholes across Altrincham. 

Fix the BIN chaos in Altrincham

In October 2019, Trafford Council introduced a new bin collection system which has failed residents leading to thousands of bin collections being missed and increase in vermin.


Recycling has dropped to rock bottom in Trafford. We should be proud of our former recycling rates and see to get back on track. I campaign to have a reliable bin collection and reinstate our former fantastic recycling records.

A new Altrincham leisure centre

Altrincham Leisure Centre is not in a good shape and needs more investments in new pools, gyms and a full sports hall.


Unfortunately, Trafford Council scrapped the plan and won't commit to a new leisure centre anymore. 

I campaign for a new leisure centre, which can benefit our residents on their roads to health and wellbeing and will be vital for school students who deserve a decent place to learn to swim and do a wide variety of sports in a modern bright clean environment. Meanwhile, it will revitalise the Altrincham town centre post pandemic.

Promoting community uses on Altrincham high streets
Altrincham town centre is one of our most important public spaces. The businesses in the town centre are under threat and we need to try our best to support local business and help revive the local ecpnomy.  

More EV charging points, trees and cycling.

EV charging points in public car parks and streets will enable people to shift to electric cars – one of the main barriers to people shifting is fear of running out of power and lack of charging points.


I commit to installing more EV charging points and developing more cycle lanes in Altrincham. ​I believe Altrincham needs the progressive infrastructure if it is to thrive and be a beacon for green initiatives.

Tackling crime and having more police on our streets

Trafford has historically had the lowest crime level in Greater Manchester. However, low-level crime is now largely being ignored and residents don’t feel safe on their streets.

The Government has committed extra funding to crack down on burglary and theft in local crime hotspots in Greater Manchester. 

Shengke demands more police on our streets in Altrincham and proven criume cutting measures, such as CCTV, increased street-lighting and Neighbourhood Watch Schemes. 

Free parking for 2 hours a day during the next 12 months

Trafford Council's new budget plan will increase car parking charges which put our high streets in  danger and many businesses are under threate. The Greens supported this plan. 

Residents are very disappointed and shopkeepers say 2 hours free parking daily could help boost trade.

I campaign for free parking for 2 hours a day during the next 12 months which could encouragfe shoppers to visit Altrincham highstreets and enjoy town centre whilist supporting small businesses and helping revive our local economy.

Altrincham to be a modern market town
Altrincham is badly hit by the pandemic. Council needs to use their land ownership and planning powers to set a thrive plan for Altrincham and bring community uses to the high street.

The Grafton Centre needs a plan

The Grafton Centre in Altrincham is falling apart and needs a plan urgently. Since 2018 the council has owned and operated the Grafton Centre without a plan. They are losing money. Your money!


 I will work with the Council to create a development plan and bring more jobs to Altrincham.  

Proud of our outstanding schools and good education

People move to Altrincham because of the wide choice of schools.  As a father of a junior daughter, I respect the right to have faith, academy and grammar schools. I will never support a policy that eradicates parental choice, putting families at a disadvantage.  Something the Greens are happy to do (A Policy heralded by the Green party manifesto).

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