Welcome for progress on security of tenure for Altrincham community sports clubs

The news of progress on long term security of tenure for Altrincham sports clubs is very welcome and will enable clubs to secure a 25-year lease on council sites they use for their core activity on playing fields, parks and open spaces. Even better news for the clubs is that the leases will be set at peppercorn rates and clubs will be able to attract grant funding through having long term leases.

The news is great for the Altrincham community too as access to the public spaces will be protected via community use agreements. We all know that physical activity is essential for our health and well-being and having good quality facilities to use will sustain and increase engagement in sport and physical activity.

Altrincham Juniors Football Club based at Grove Park have already expressed an interest in a lease and I would encourage other community clubs to look at what is on offer. Any club who wants further details on the leases should contact Thomas Haworth, Sport Relationship Manager at Trafford Council on Mobile 07702 674376 or Email address Thomas.Haworth@trafford.gov.uk


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