Trafford Labour ‘Max Out’ the council tax with another increase

In a blow to residents, Trafford Labour have yet again increased Council Tax. With Greens and Lib Dems failing to oppose them. Labour Councillors unanimously approved their budget.

Also, Labour's GM Mayor is pushing up his portion of the bill by outrageous amounts. Conservative Leader on Trafford Council, Councillor Nathan Evans said "Where

Labour have the power to decide taxation, all they do is push it up. This is in addition to the GM Mayor's threat of a Congestion Tax which will add further to the cost of living. Local residents tell us that they are shocked that only the Conservatives challenged the tax increase, while Greens and Lib Dems tinkered at the edges."

As the Conservative candidate for the Bowdon Ward, Dr Shengke said “I am very disappointed with the Labour Council's budget for 2022/23, with a fourth year of increase despite the rise in the cost of living. Labour pushed their budget through with tacit support from the Greens, yet services are not managed properly. Apart from failing waste collections, lack of pot hole repairs and blocked drains, Labour are increasing parking costs, driving motorists to park in more residential streets.”

“As a Conservative, I am on the side of Bowdon residents. I don't agree with higher Council Tax and I don't support higher parking charges - but I do expect quality services for what I am paying the Council. “

With a disastrous record of bins not emptied, broken street lights, leaves not swept up and pot holes worse than ever, it is clear that Labour are incapable of running the Council.

The Conservative Government have proposed a series of measures to help with the cost of living. This includes a £150 Council Tax rebate for households in Bands A through to D which helps 82% of residents.

With Labour in charge, a Band D Council Tax payer now pays £300 per year more that they did in 2018/19. Imagine what you would do with £300 if it came your way right now!

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