Shengke's Priority

"Ensure residents' voices can be heard"

Conservative Candidate for Altrincham Ward , 2020 Local Election 

More Reliable Bin Collection

Residents in Altrincham are beyond fed up with the on-going mess of the bin collection, which has been caused by Labour’s mismanagement in Trafford Council. I jointly with other colleagues in Conservatives called for a root and branch enquiry to take place to resolve the mess that residents are suffering from Oct 2019.


We are also calling for an external inquiry to start to look at why this appalling fiasco has been allowed to take place and how to fix it, especially when it was blatantly obvious that crews were unprepared for the new routes. The changes brought in by Labour to the collection rounds have been the key factor in the deterioration of the service. It is a collective failure of the contractor caused by a distinctly poor Labour administration who is trying to wriggle out of their own negligence. Altrincham residents deserve better than this appalling service and Conservatives will hold to account those who have failed so spectacularly.

Please let me know how the mess of the bin collection affects your life. 

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