Shengke's Priority

"Ensure residents' voices can be heard"

Conservative Candidate for Altrincham Ward , 2020 Local Election 

Save Our Schools

Both Green’s and Labour’s education plans are focussed around attacking independent schools. The campaign is to remove all charitable status and abolish independent schools, declaring that they no longer “need to exist”. ​This pledge is part of the consistent agenda aiming to take our schools back to the 'one school fits all' Comprehensive system. Both Green Party’s and Labour Party's hardline approach threatens aspiration, self-improvement and other tenets of a free society. 


As a father of a 7 years old, like many Altrincham parents, I issue my full commitment to guarantee the safety of our educational choice for our families here in Trafford.

Do you agree with Labours plans to destroy our educational choice here in Trafford? Do you know Green also plans to do so?

If not, please join me to tell both Trafford Green and Trafford Labour to "Scrap the ideology" and promise to keep Trafford's excellent educational choice.

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