Under a Conservative government the number of peoplein full-time work hits all time high

Official ONS figures show that the Conservative’s economic management means that the unemploymentrate has fallen to its lowest level in nearly half a century.

- Employment: 32.8 million (up 323,000 over the last year and up by 3.7 million since 2010).​

- Employment rate: 76.0 per cent (up 0.5 points over the past year and up 5.8 points since 2010).​

- Unemployment: 1.3 million (down 71,500 over the past year and down by 1.20 million since 2010.​

Figures today show that in North West, there are now 3,493,424 people in work – meaning that, under the Conservatives, 314,450 more people have been able to access the security of a job.

And there are more people than ever in secure jobs with 24.2 million in full-time employment.

Wages have risen ahead of prices for the 20th consecutive month, meaning families have greater financial security and can plan for their future with confidence.

- Youth unemployment: There are 438,000 fewer young people out of work since 2010 – almost halving since 2010.​

- Female employment: There are 1.8 million more women in work since 2010​

- Ethnic minority: The number of people from an ethnic minority in work is at a record high. There are 1.2 million more people from an ethnic minority background in work since January-march 2010, increasing from 2,736,000 to 4,026,000.​

- Disabled: The number of disabled people in work has increased by 1.3 million, and is now at a record high with the number of disabled people out of work at a record low.​

The number of disabled people in work has also increased to a record high. In Manchester Withington, the number of people who are claiming key out-of-work benefits has fallen by 349 since 2010 – an overall reduction of 14% per cent.

Combined with yesterday’s news that the economy continues to grow, the figures show that the UK’s economic fundamentals are strong. But this could be put at risk with a Corbyn led government in a hung parliament, reliant on the SNP, that would see 2020 consumed by two chaotic referendums – one on Brexit and one on Scotland; would ruin our economy with £1.2 trillion spending, £2,400 higher taxes for everyone; and, which would put our public services at risk with a policy of unlimited and uncontrolled immigration.

These figures show the underlying strengths of our economy – with millions of people benefiting from a sustained boost in pay and access to a regular pay cheque. The Conservatives have a proven track record on delivering on jobs, with 3.7 million more people in work since 2010.

Manchester Withington candidate, Dr Shengke Zhi has welcomed these figures, saying:

“These figures are another sign that the fundamentals of the British economy are strong with the unemployment rate lower than at any point in nearly half a century. This Conservative Government has created 3.7 million jobs including 68,942 more jobs in North West. We should not let Labour throw all that hard work away.

“In the next few weeks, voters face a crucial choice. A Conservative government led by Boris Johnson that gets Brexit done, and is able to focus on people's priorities like creating jobs, the NHS and our schools. Or Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister, and an economy buckling under the strain of soaring borrowing and the chaos of another two referendums.

"Every Labour Government has left office with higher unemployment than when they came in. A Corbyn led Labour Government would see everyone paying an extra £2,400 a year in tax to fund their reckless spending plans, this is the equivalent of an entire month’s pay for the average worker."


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