Tories in Trafford hail chargers and cameras plan

[Reproduced Messenger Newspaper]

CONSERVATIVES in Trafford have hailed two council budget amendments with a green agenda.

Borough Tories managed to gain Labour support for 100 50-kilowatt electric vehicle charging points and 14 new covert cameras, the two measures together costing around £80,000.

Cllr Patrick Myers, the shadow finance member, said: "Having spoken with residents we know that those who already have an electric vehicle are concerned about the lack of availability of charging points in the borough, especially with the two points at Regent Road Car Park in Altrincham out of action.

"Other residents have told us they don’t have the confidence yet to purchase an electric vehicle due to being concerned about not being able to get from ‘A to B’ due to a lack of charging points.

"Residents also tell us time-and-time again that they are frustrated with repeated fly-tipping on our roads and parks, while few offenders are ever caught or charged for this serious criminal offence.

"The new cameras will go some way to deter those who are thinking of illegally dumping waste in our borough and will hopefully result in prosecutions too.”

But Cllr Myers criticised local Liberal Democrats and Green members for failing to back the climate change measures.


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