Tackling crime

I want to tackle crime and have more police on our streets. We are seeing an increase in burglary, car theft, speeding and anti-social behaviours.

I visited GMP Altrincham recently and met several of the busy team of officers. when I asked questions about how to make our local area safer, I received details of the changes to the way they are now dealing with local issues and crimes, not least in the Bowdon area. I have watched video footage of some of the new measures in action.

A neighbourhood policing officer from the GMP Altrincham told me, "Call us about any incidents. Call response times have improved. Use a steering wheel lock as well as your car's own devices. It slows the crooks down. Fit 'anti-snap' locks at home. They will protect doors much more effectively. Add alarm sensors into your garden. Anything to deter or slow down the criminals means a better chance we can apprehend them."

We need more police on our streets, increased CCTV and more neighbourhood watch groups in Bowdon Ward. I will continue to work with GMP Altrincham to tackle crime.

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