Shengke's priorities in Manchester Withington

1. Supporting our excellent local schools Parents deserve the choice of a good quality school and every child has the right to access opportunities for developing their potential. I will campaign for further improvements to facilities and more quality places for local children. I’ll stand up for parents and pupils at every school, including our grammar and independents, against Labour’s plan to scrap them.

2. Backing small and medium businesses

Small shops, businesses and local manufactures are the lifeblood of our city and communities. I will work with the Conservative Government to empower local small and medium businesses to turbocharge our local economy and boost our beloved high streets.

3. Supporting Withington Community Hospital and Christie Hospital The NHS is receiving record investment now. Locally, our people rely on NHS services and facilities. I will campaign to secure extra funds spent on improving services and work with our local NHS to provide better access to a GP.

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