Response to Rail in the North

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

To whom may concern, Thank you for contacting me about the transport, particularly about thr rail system in the North.

Reliable transport is vital, not just to boost growth, but to make areas attractive places to live and to start a business, as well as to rejuvenate communities that can sometimes feel disconnected.

We know that transport has not always been given the attention it deserves in the North of England. That’s why the Prime Minister has committed to modernising roads, buses and railways across the whole country, ensuring that people have the transport they rely on to get to work, visit friends and access local services.

We are embarking on the biggest rail modernisation project since Victorian times to deliver better, quicker journeys for passengers. We are investing £13 billion to improve transport services across the North of England, which more than any other government history. We also established Transport for the North, backed by £260 million, so that experts and leaders in the region can have a greater say over how their services are run.

In one of his first speeches as Prime Minister, Boris Johnson announced that we will deliver a new Manchester to Leeds rail route. This is the first stage of Northern Powerhouse Rail and will be crucial for unlocking growth across the North. We will then focus on Liverpool, Hull, Sheffield and Newcastle.

On HS2, we have launched a short review to examine the costs associated with the project and ensure that the current plans provide good value for taxpayer money. We know there are a number of concerns about the cost and timing of the project so the review will provide independent recommendations on these areas.

We will ensure no part of this country is left behind and that no business is held back because of poor transport. By getting Brexit done, we will level up opportunities across the UK and renew the ties that bind our communities together.

Best regards Dr Shengke Zhi

PPC for Manchester Withington

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