Response to Accessible Rail Travel

To Whom may concern,

Thank you for contacting me about problems of disabled people accessing rail travel.

Transport is at the heart of how we live our lives, helping us to get to work, visit friends and access vital services. But for people with disabilities, access to transport can be far from straightforward.

Last year, we published the Inclusive Transport Strategy which set out what we are doing in Government to improve access across all transport modes. As part of this, we extended our Access for All programme with an additional £300 million of funding. This programme helps to pay for accessibility improvements at stations over and above those required by the rail industry itself. We are determined to make our transport infrastructure fully accessible for all passengers by 2030.

These are the first steps in achieving a genuinely inclusive transport network, meeting the needs of all people, regardless of whether they have a disability, and the Conservatives are committed to doing everything we can to make life a little easier for people with disabilities.

I hope it gives you a better idea of my position on this specific question.

Best wishes

Dr Shengke Zhi

PPC for Manchester Withington

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