Response to Trade Democracy

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

To Whom may concern,

Thank you for contacting me about trade democracy.

We take seriously our commitment to reducing poverty through trade. That is exactly what we are seeking to do by providing continuity for our existing trading arrangements and signing new free trade agreements.

All developing countries that have economic partnership agreements with the UK have said they want to maintain their existing arrangements after we leave the EU. We have already signed continuity agreements with developing countries across the world, including eastern and southern African countries.

We will also introduce a unilateral preference scheme so that around 70 developing countries can benefit from the liberalisation that our independent trade policy will provide.

Free and open international trade has been a powerful driving force for the reduction of poverty. According to the World Bank, the three decades between 1981 and 2011 witnessed the single greatest decrease in material deprivation in human history. We are committed to ensuring that the world’s poorest continue to benefit as we implement our own independent trade policy.

We will also always protect our interests at home when negotiating future trade deals. The NHS is not for sale and we will never allow any trade agreement to change this fundamental fact.

P.S. · Labour want to remain in the EU customs union. This would not enable us to deepen our bilateral free trading ties with other nations, including developing countries.

Best regards

Dr Shengke Zhi

PPC for Manchester Withington

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