Question of the competency of the Trafford Labour Council

Under Conservative administration, Trafford Council bought Grafton Centre to kick start the next phase of the Altrincham town centre’s transformation. The proposal was focused on further enhancement of the retail and leisure offerings in Altrincham.

However, since the Labour took the administration of the Trafford Council in May 2018, supported by the Trafford Green Party, residents still don’t know the detailed plans of Grafton Centre and hardly see any positive progress of the next phased of Altrincham town centre’s transformation. It is dangerous that the local council, like a gambler, plays taxpayers’ money in the property market without a plan.

The Grafton Centre is a key town centre site with retail outlets on the ground floor and a seven-storey hotel leased to Travelodge above. It is vital for Altrincham people to understand the future plan of this landmark and it is urgent for the Trafford Labour Council to restore Altrincham’s fortune and put the heart back into the centre and bring the vitality to our town.

In the last 12 months, Altrincham residents complain about issues of bin collection, flooding in the ward and lack of the improvement of road condition. People start questioning the competency of the Trafford Labour Council and questioning incompetent Green councillors who are lack of hands-on dealing with local issues.  

We believe we need a competent Conservative-led Trafford Council to transform Altrincham as a modern, vibrant market town. End

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