Queen's Speech: What was it and why it is important?

The Queen's Speech provides the government with an opportunity to highlight its priorities for the months ahead.

Yesterday's radical Queen’s Speech, the most radical in a generation, set out how we will deliver Brexit and unleash Britains potential – it will take us out of the EU, overhaul our immigration system, and will enshrine in law record investment for the NHS. It will take our country forward with an ambitious One Nation programme to unite and spread opportunity to every corner of our United Kingdom. The Queens's speech set out how we will:

Enshrine in Law an increase in NHS funding - Legislation will enshrine in law the largest cash settlement in the NHS’s history and we will deliver the NHS Long Term Plan in England to ensure our health service is fit for the future.

Bring an end to free movement and introduce an Australian-style points based system – Our Immigration and Social Security Co-Ordination Bill will create a modern, fair, points-based immigration system which will welcome skilled workers from across the world to contribute to the United Kingdom’s economy, communities and public services.

Transform environmental protections – our new Environment Bill will transform our environmental governance once we leave the EU by putting environmental principles into law, introducing legally binding targets, and establishing a new Office for Environmental Protection.

Enhance and protect workers’ rights – as the UK leaves the EU we will introduce a new Employment Bill, making Britain the best place in the world to work.

Re-set our foreign policy in 2020 through an Integrated Security, Defence and Foreign Policy Review led by the Prime Minister. This will be the most radical reassessment of our place in the world since the end of the Cold War, covering all aspects of international policy from defence to diplomacy and development.

I like forward thinking and outreach looking. Hence, to me, mext year will be a great year for our country – the year we get Brexit done, boost NHS funding, invest in infrastructure and level up access to opportunity and prosperity across our great nation.

It will mark the start of a new decade where the United Kingdom will champion trade, innovation and science and meet global challenges with old friends and new across the world.

In the end, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Best regards

Dr Shengke Zhi

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