2018 Broadheath Christmas Dinner

Ho ho ho! Christmas and New Year is fast approaching. We had our Broadheath Ward Christmas Dinner at Bramley Farm on 13 Dec, which more than 60 people celebrated together. More details can be found below. I also liaised with local agencies and council about residents' concerns on traffic, road conditions and crimes. Almost 500 letters were posted to specific groups of residents in Broadheath Ward before Christmas. A "Super Saturday" is scheduled on 12th Jan after New Year and we are calling for participation and volunteers. I hope it could be another successful delivery to remind our residents that we do need to work together as a group to ensure our quality of life in terms outstanding education, better traffic & road, low crime rate and low council tax.

Over the last few months, I have been out in our area talking to you about the issues and concerns that are important to residents and our local community. I have been listening to you, and it is clear that we know our area is a great place to live. However, we should be striving to make it even better by:

Working with local police to have an efficient strategy to tackle crime

We must make sure that residents get the security they need. Let us be committed to working with the local police force to bring down the levels of crime, so you can feel safer on your streets and in your home.

Dealing with our traffic problems and speeding

Together, we can raise this with the right agencies and continue to consult residents. Making sure that the rush hour traffic, like that on Washway Road, is eased and the speeding on our roads, like that on the Stamford Brook Estate, is stopped. This will make our roads safer, our journeys smoother, and stop making us late!

Making our housing affordable

With the average house in Trafford costing £224,900, many people are struggling to buy their own homes. Together, we can cooperate with Trafford Housing Trust and the Dane Housing Association to make more homes affordable for residents. This will help to keep residents in our area, which helps our local businesses and our thriving town centres.

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