Interested in becoming a Councillor?

Do you want to stand up for your local community and the interests of local residents?

Becoming a Councillor is a most rewarding experience and easier than you might think. It gives you the opportunity to help your local community, gain political experience and develop useful skills such as public speaking and problem solving. New Councillors bring fresh vigour and enthusiasm to local politics.

Supporting your community

As a Councillor, you can make a difference for the people who elect you and the places you represent. You can help transform your neighbourhood and improve the lives of its residents. We are looking for people who want to champion their area by getting involved in local projects, litter picks, tree planting, people who want to see our green spaces and parks protected or have a local business and want to have their voices heard.

Councillors will work with local organisations and businesses to ensure that the Council delivers improvement and change in the local area. Experience working in business or knowledge of the local business community is helpful to the role.

Training, Experiences, Personal Development

As a Conservative Councillor, you will be a part of the Conservative Councillor Association (CCA). The CCA and local authority will provide training for new Councillors. The CCA offers Councillors public speaking workshops, networking events and business conference events. Gaining political experience and skills transferable to all aspects of your life.

Councillors are also invited to attend national conventions, hosted by Conservative MPs and the Prime Minister – giving you the chance to speak to the heart of our Government/Party and ensure your voice is heard.

Get in touch

So if you are looking to get involved and are passionate about where you live, please get in touch.

If you wish to apply please complete the attached Candidate Application form here and return it to the office by 26th November 2021. Please read the guidance notes and appeal procedure.

If you have previously completed an application form you will need to submit a new one – all applicants have to re-submit their application form each year.

Kind regards

Dr Shengke Zhi

Chair of ASWA CPF

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