Gateway of John Leigh Park has been successfully restored

Thanks to Friends of John Leigh Park for coordinating this restoration project. After many months of fund raising and delays due to the pandemic, it is delighted to know that the restoration of the gateway has been successfully completed.

The gateway on Harley Road was damaged in 2016 by a stolen car. Since then, the Friends of John Leigh Park has worked with partners to come up with designs and raised fund for the restoration.

It is a huge success and many local residents can carry on enjoying the John Leigh Park for many years to come.

Friends of John Leigh Park The Friends of John Leigh Park was established in 2002 and following a quiet period is finding new life in new challenges.

We aim to achieve recognition of the Friends as an association which can raise funds, organise activities and relate effectively with the Council, other Friends groups and other relevant organisations. With your support the friends can continue vital projects to keep John Leigh Park a wonderful facility for walkers, runners, old, young, active and sedate to share and enjoy.

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