Election Address

Dear Residents in Woodhouse, Broadheath and West Timperley:

The election on the 2nd May 2019 matters. Your vote will decide whether we can fight against crime, get rid of rubbish on streets and repair our roads or if we risk these issues being ignored.

Together, we can make our area Better and Safer.

Residents need a safe place to live and I fight against crime to keep our community safe.

Making our community safe is the top priority for a local councillor. That’s why I fight against crime, which is the biggest threaten to our people.

More CCTV and regular meetings with local police and neighbourhood watch groups will help to fight against crime and anti-social behaviour in Woodhouse, Broadheath and West Timperley areas. Your vote means we can make our area an event safer place to live.

The Truth is this only the Conservatives care our community and try to get rid of the rubbish and waste on our streets.

Labour are failing to tackle littering in our area and they ignore litters, dog waste and rubbish on our streets. We need more bins to reduce rubbish on our street ad our parks, and more CCTV to catch fly-tippers in our community. We deserve a better community and with your vote we can make our area even cleaner.

I’m the only candidate secured the budget of £330,000 for Craven Road and fill potholes in Broadheath Ward.

Together, we got Craven Road included in the council’s plans for resurfacing. However, we need more of our roads and potholes to be repaired. Conservatives put aside £31.4 million for our road and with your vote, we can get a fair share of the money to tackle the issues with our roads.

Don’t risk your chance to have you say! Why not apply for a Postal Vote instead?

Elections, and our local community, are decided by the people who vote. With your support, we can secure the future of Woodhouse, Broadheath and West Timperley.


Fight against crime, ·Get rid of the rubbish on streets , Fill in potholes

Dr Shengke Zhi

P.S. So no how matter you’ve voted in the past, if you want to take this opportunity to build a safer and better community, with less crime, more bins and better roads, the only option is to vote for me, this time around.

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