Do we need to keep Altrincham leisure centre closed?

The decision to keep Altrinhcam leisure centre closed until 4th of January 2021 has been questioned by Altrincham Conservatives. The decision is based on saving costs, rather than the well-being of Altrincham residents and will see facilities such as the much-loved swimming pool remain shut while private providers resume their operations.

Many residents have already expressed their disappointment and frustration at the decision which has been made at a time when residents have restricted leisure options due to the global pandemic. Outside exercise is not a realistic option for all residents due to the weather conditions and lack of daylight at this time of the year.

It is frustrating for Altrincham Leisure members who will not be able to access their local leisure centre until early January 2021. While residents can largely understand why the facilities had to be closed during the lockdowns, they are asking why the Altrincham Leisure Centre will remain closed while private operators are re-opening their leisure facilities. My concern is that residents unable to afford private gyms will be excluded from physical activity at this key time of the year.

Trafford Leisure (who is operating the Altrincham Leisure Centre) and the Council need to revisit this decision now to ensure that levels of physical activity and inequality do not get worse in Altrincham

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