Council launches consultation into buskers' code of conduct


Trafford Council has launched a consultation into plans to introduce a code of conduct for buskers and street performers in Altrincham.

The local authority is inviting responses from residents, performers, businesses and other interested parties into the proposals relating to street entertainers in the town.

Trafford Council recognises that buskers can be an important part of the culture of the town but that they should not have a negative impact on their surrounding area by causing a nuisance to local people or interfering with the running of businesses.

Residents are now being asked to log onto the Council’s consultation page to give their views on the proposed new code of conduct by answering a small number of questions related to buskers. The code is aimed at balancing the interests of all parties and includes proposals for acts to perform at a reasonable volume, not cause obstruction, and never to use amplified sound, drums or street furniture.

As part of the code, buskers would also be asked to maintain a 50 metre gap between one another, be prepared to change location should they impact on people in the area, and apply for a street collection licence if they are performing for charity.

Consultation: Code of Conduct for Busking (Altrincham)

The consultation closes on April 6.

Posted on Monday 15th March 2021

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