Coronavirus: Webinar - The BAME communities and hate racism


At a time of heightened anxiety and fear, the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has provoked highly distressing racial, xenophobic, hate incidents and criminal offences towards BAME communities in the UK. This has been noticed particularly amongst the British Chinese communities, with an alarming record high number of reported incidents of hate and racial taunts, witnessed and experienced. In this free webinar, we will help to give you a better understanding of your rights and remedies to address, cope, respond, deal with and allay your fears and concerns. So please join us if you, your family or friends are experiencing any sort of hate or racial incidents or offences, whether in your work place or anywhere else. Agenda Thursday, 7th May Introduction: Sheela, 13:30-13:40 Webinar: Jackson, 13:40-14:00 Q&A: Sheela and Jackson, 14:00-14:30


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