Coronavirus: Trafford Council asks businesses for PPE support


Trafford Council is appealing to local businesses for any unwanted supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) it can use. PPE stock is monitored on a daily basis by the local authority and there currently sufficient supplies are in place for its staff working in health and social care settings.

However there is increasing demand for PPE and the Council is actively looking at ways to increase local stocks to keep up levels of supply and any additional contributions would be gratefully received, with the following items of particular interest:

  • Goggles (these can be used goggles that are able to be washed)

  • Disposable aprons (in an unopened box/roll)

  • Disposable gloves (vinyl, Nitrile or powder free latex, and in an unopened box) 

  • Hand sanitiser (minimum 60% alcohol)

  • Masks (EN14683 IIR fluid-resistant surgical mask, FFP2 (N95) or FFP3)

  • Visors (Half or full face: need to be curved to go around the face)

The Council would also be keen to hear from businesses interested in manufacturing new items of PPE.

If your business or organisation is able to assist with either donation or producing new items please email

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