Coronavirus: the fit and healthy 40-year-old floored by coronavirus stays at Wythenshawe Hospital


'As hard as it is don’t mingle, the spread is cranking up and more people will need hospital and more people will die'

A fit and healthy 40-year-old man who required hospital treatment after contracting coronavirus is urging people to stay at home.

Andrew, of Sale, shared images of himself at Wythenshawe Hospital in an attempt to make others take Covid-19 more seriously.

Fortunately, Andrew is no longer in hospital and is now recovering at home.

However, he said the virus has left him breathless due to the lung inflammation it caused.

Andrew said he keeps himself fit and does not smoke, but the virus still "floored" him.

He wrote on Facebook: "Here’s a picture diary of part of my week with Covid 19, the worst week of my life.

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