Coronavirus: Temporary cycle lane adjusted to help ease traffic issues


Following the decision of removing cycle land from a key West Timperley junction of A56 approaching the Park Road on 23 June, the local authority adjusted its temporary cycle lane in Sale to help ease recent traffic issues in the area on 24 June.

Trafford Council is being urged to reconsider a new A56 cycle lane that many drivers say is causing severe congestion on car journeys towards Altrincham.

Trafford Conservatives have called on the Labour-run council administration to “urgently reconsider” the reduction in lanes.

The local authority moved the cycle lane back from the Ashfield Road junction to the Dane Road junction of the A56 to help traffic flow on 24 June.

Trafford Council starts to review cycle lanes in the area based on traffic data and on Monday adjusted the A56 scheme by moving it back to Sibson Road.

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