Coronavirus: Stretford Sports Village becomes COVID-19 'hot clinic' in Trafford


Patients in Trafford developing stronger symptoms of the COVID-19 coronavirus could now be directed by their GP to a new ‘hot clinic’ in Stretford.

Currently, patients with mild symptoms are to stay at home and self-isolate but if people begin to feel more unwell with ‘moderate’ symptoms, doctors are now able to refer people to the drive-in ‘hot clinic’ at Stretford Sports Village – where they can be seen face to face.

Set up by NHS Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), the service is for all patients registered with a Trafford GP who are ‘moderate, symptomatic’ COVID-19 patients who are referred there by their own GP following triage and assessment.

The service is provided by Mastercall – the provider of Trafford’s current out-of-hours’ GP service.

The Stretford Sports Village hot clinic, on Great Stone Road, opened on Monday and is in place should demand for face-to-face appointments increase. Many Trafford practices have opened their own ‘outdoor clinics’ but this provides an additional method to cope with demand.

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