Coronavirus: Safe streets save lives in Trafford


Trafford Council are working with One Trafford (a partnership between Amey and Trafford Council) to enhance spaces for pedestrians and cyclists across the borough, to enable people to keep their distance for safe essential journeys and exercise during the coronavirus lockdown and through recovery.

As per government guidelines a number of solutions are being introduced to enable different and safe modes of transport on a temporary basis. A range of measures have already been put in place to test the concepts and works will now expand where the need arises, following £5m of funding made available through the Mayor’s Cycling and Walking Challenge Fund.

The proposals will help ease social distancing at specific locations for cyclists as well as pedestrians with special crossing points being introduced at locations such as bus stops and traffic signals.

As part of this initiative, there will be a trial period to introduce a route for walking and cycling along the A56, to encourage more sustainable forms of transport such as walking and cycling. Additionally, these measures will also align with the objectives of the Mayors Challenge Fund project to create a city region where walking and cycling are the natural choices for shorter journeys.

We would like to hear from Trafford residents about the solutions that you would like to see so that we can help you carry on with your lives safely when making journeys.

Add your comments at via an interactive map, to identify areas of concern and suggest ideas for the council to review.

Follow the conversation @OneTrafford or to discuss any of the above please contact the team by email at

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