Coronavirus: Boris Johnson ‘put on oxygen’ as he battles coronavirus in hospital


Boris Johnson was reportedly treated with oxygen after being admitted to hospital for ‘routine’ coronavirus tests.

The Prime Minister spent the night at St Thomas’ Hospital in central London, ten days after testing positive for the virus.

The Times reports Borish was given oxygen after arriving at the hospital by car. Downing Street has stressed the hospital visit is not an emergency but was a done on the advice of his doctor because of ‘persistent symptoms’, which is believed to be a high temperature.

Although Downing Street insists the PM is still in charge if the medics insist he needs to rest and recuperate then he may well have to take a step back for a period of time.

In the UK we no longer have a deputy prime minister - the last one was Nick Clegg under David Cameron.

Technically, Dominic Raab - as the first secretary of state - would be expected to step up.

His position as foreign secretary, however, does not put him at the centre of the fight against coronavirus.

It would seem likely therefore that the two figures who would be expected to take a key role would be Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove and Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

Both men have been frequent representatives of the government at the daily news conferences.

Fortunately, however, many of the key decisions - namely how long the lockdown should continue and what the exit strategy should be - still appear some way off.

At the moment the focus is on "flattening the curve" and reducing the level of infections and admissions to hospital.

The day-to-day decisions are therefore likely to depend much more on the advice of the scientists and officials.

The really big decisions are some way off - when it is hoped the prime minister will have recovered.

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