Coronavirus: Advice from Trafford Council on reopening businesses and returning to work


Trafford Council has issued guidance to businesses that are able to reopen and the implications for staff returning to work after the government eased some of the coronavirus lockdown rules.

  • Where people can work from home, the guidance has not changed and they should continue to work from home wherever possible.

  • Where people cannot work from home, they should return to work. However this does not apply to businesses that are currently not permitted to operate, and those businesses that were restricted from opening at the end of March must remain closed. This includes non-essential retail, restaurants, pubs, gyms, leisure centres, hairdressers and other beauty businesses.

  • The government has indicated that non-essential retail will not be able to open until 1st June at the earliest, and remaining businesses until 4th July at the earliest.

  • Essential retail such as supermarkets and takeaways can continue to operate, along with tradespeople, transportation, construction and manufacturing. Garden centres are also now able to open. Full details can be found on the .GOV website.

  • Where businesses are permitted to open, the government has produced guidance to help ensure workplaces are as safe as possible. Businesses should follow this guidance and complete a risk assessment before opening. Read more about working safely during coronavirus.

Any concerns about businesses that should not be operating or are not following social distancing guidelines should be emailed to

The Health and Safety Executive will enforce social distancing measures in premises under their health and safety enforcement, such as building sites, manufacturers etc. and can be emailed on

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