Conservatives need to gain more BAME voters in order to win in next Local or General Election

Population of both Altrincham and Broadheath has grown over 25% more than any other areas in Trafford over the last decade. People are attracted by the top-class education and “Altrincham Lifestyle” which is a blend between urban and countryside lifestyles. More than 20% of the population in both wards are made up of people from a Black and Asian minority ethnical background.

Dr Shengke Zhi, our local candidate, said "When speaking to residents, I find ethnic-minority voters are passionate about their cultures and are as likely to be concerned about their community as white voters.”

“I also realise that Altrincham and Broadheath are more diverse, constantly growing, younger and more multi-cultural than Trafford as a whole. Our Conservative message needs to reflect the aspiration of local people who should be better represented by Trafford Council.”

Shengke has been working closely with the local BAME communities over the last 12 months. He helped to organise Chinese New Year celebrations at Broadheath Community Hall, has supported community activities and facilitates Altrincham Library to work with local communities on language, wellbeing and cultural awareness.

“We need to look and sound like the people we want to represent, particularly in Altrincham and Broadheath. While we do great work at a local community level, I would argue that, in Trafford as a whole, the Conservatives need to do more in order to gain more supporters from BAME voters that can help us win in next local or general election.”

Shengke believes that local Conservatives need to demonstrate that we put genuine thought into Trafford’s needs and are prepared to tailor our offerings to the conditions on the ground.

“Trafford Conservatives need to look more like Trafford, rather than indistinguishable from the national brand, if we are to avoid defeat and succeed.”

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