Conservative Response to Labour's manifesto

The publication of Labour’s manifesto has just confirmed what we already knew, Jeremy Corbyn simply doesn’t have a plan for Brexit. And without a plan to get Brexit done he has no credibility on anything else.

Corbyn’s Labour can’t win a majority, so his only chance of getting into power is to do a deal with Nicola Sturgeon's SNP. That would mean that 2020 would be lost to the chaos of another two referendums – one on Brexit and another on Scottish independence. A Labour government would mean unlimited and uncontrolled immigration putting pressure on our public services and a reckless spending spree which would take a sledgehammer to the British economy and cost every taxpayer £2,400 a year.

Only with Boris Johnson and a majority Conservative government can we get Brexit done and unleash Britain’s potential. Investing in our NHS with 40 new hospitals, cutting crime with 20,000 more police, introducing an Australian style points-based immigration system and giving the economic certainty families and businesses need to plan for the future with confidence.

Today too, we’ve set out a package of measures to build more homes, get people onto the housing ladder and make the renting market fairer. We will:

  • Build one million more homes in the next five years.

  • Strengthen the rights of renters by ending ‘no fault evictions’.

  • Help more people onto the housing ladder by introducing a discount home scheme and by encouraging innovation in the mortgage market.

  • Improve the system for paying your deposit by introducing a deposit passporting scheme.

Finally, we’ve announced that a Conservative majority government will implement a three-point plan for social care which includes:

  • £1 billion extra of funding every year for more social care staff and better infrastructure including investing in new care homes.

  • A commitment to seek a cross-party consensus urgently in order to bring forward the necessary proposal and legislation for long-term reform.

  • A guarantee that no one needing care has to sell their home to pay for it.

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