Concern over Labour's Plan to sell off Altrincham Town Hall


An item of concern has emerged from Trafford Council’s Labour dominated Budget Executive meeting of 17th of February 2021. Regarding the council’s assets, a report was approved which delegates authority to the council’s Corporate Director of Place to ‘add to or substitute sites into the programme during the year, including any site where the anticipated capital receipt would be £500,000 or more.’ In theory, that means that the officer could try to place an asset such as Flixton House, Altrincham Town Hall, Sale Waterside or indeed any building into a sales programme. That will also be a concern for Trafford residents who won’t want to see such civic gems disposed of.

The Conservative Group are asking for clarity on the position from the Council Legal Officer and in due course will take a view regarding further questions via the scrutiny committee.

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