2019 Feb

Local residents have told me that Stamford Brook Estate and West Timperley both need more CCTV to tackle crime and fly-tipping, what do you think?

I have recently been out in your area to hear about crime issues and doing a local survey on crime and CCTV you can take at:


Fight again crime and fly tipping issues cross the West Timperley and Woodhouse Area.

Other residents on your street have informed me that we need more CCTV to help prevent crime, anti-social behaviour and fly-tipping. I want to help get the council to include these much needed improvements.

This year, we wanted to extend CCTV to solve these issues in your area but the Labour-run council, who have the resources to make these changes, voted against this.

Don't risk these issues going unnoticed, help make our area safer and prevent unnecessary waste on our streets and highways.

I will campaign to get more CCTV in our area included in next years plan. With your vote, we can achieve this together.

To tell me about other areas you want to see more CCTV, or to contact me about local issues in our area, please email me.

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